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Our shop Dianthos is located in Chania (Crete, Greece), in the north steps of demotic market, in the center of the city. It was opened at the end of 2003 by two dentists, Sakis and Valia Kouvatsos, who were interested in traditional medical and the curative attributes of the herbs and spices.

Their interest became high when Valia Kouvatsou was occupied with Chinese herb healing and acupuncture.

They thought that the correct feeding in combination with the proper use of curative herbs and spices may contribute in keeping and restoration of human health.



So they decided to open a herb store, in which any person could find every herb or spice he desired and not only this. He could find information about how the products keep and restore human health.The year 2008, the entrance of the clinical nutritionist Kouvatsos Filippos to the company had a result the network development of the company. Nowadays there are 2 distinguished clinical nutritionists who can answer any of your questions as far as the usage of our products is concerned.

Today in our shop Dianthos as well as in the website of the company there are all wild herbs of Crete collected in their physical environment, Nature. There are more than 250 chinese herbs and hundreds more coming from all over Greece and the rest of the world (collected in their physical environment or coming from biological or conventional growths). There are decades of ethereal oils and dilutions. There are chinese teas and spices. Finally you may find beauty phytical products. We offer more than 20 herb mixes which help to health improvement fighting many affections being packaged from 50 to 150 gr.

In our country, Greece, herbs are used for thousands of years. Hippocrates (468-337 B.C.), father of medicine, categorised all foods and herbs according to their basic attribute (warm, cold, dry or wet). He thought that health could be kept when these physical attributes are balanced and with exercise and aplenty clean wind.

Today we see that people, in their majority, do not know the attributes of the herbs even the most common.

We hope that our try will contribute in using in the right way herbs offered to us by Nature, for prevention or

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